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Credit with 2 borrowers – mostly granted without any problems

A loan with 2 borrowers is a loan option that most banks find very convenient. Because the second borrower reduces the default risk around the loan.

Why a loan with two borrowers is included and what aspects should be considered, we have gathered here once.

safety first

safety first

Hardly any borrower decides to borrow with 2 borrowers. As a rule, we want to take out our own loans without having to involve a second person in our financial affairs. But there are situations where this does not work. In which only a loan can be taken if 2 persons are involved in its reception.

Most banks take it for granted when married people collect a planned loan together. That brings security in the credit. First and foremost for the bank, because it can be seized free of payment defaults.

Even large loan amounts are usually only awarded if it is a loan with 2 borrowers. Security also plays a role here, which is significantly higher for two borrowers.

Another situation for a loan with two borrowers would also be given if the actual borrower has a weak credit rating and would not get a loan without support. Then it has to be decided whether the way is gone over the second borrower or the loan request is postponed. Both options would be possible.

The planning

The planning

A loan involving two borrowers should be well planned. Both borrowers are liable for the loan. Therefore, both should be able to decide on which loan offer is used and how the borrowing has to be done.

Fast and easy borrowing is possible over the Internet. With the help of our loan calculator suitable loan offers can be worked out within few minutes. And comfortably from the home sofa.

The application can then also be made in the same way, so that no great effort must be made and both borrowers can calmly and without the critical views of a bank employee deny.

For example, it should be decided who is the main borrower. The money is transferred to his account and from his account the monthly debits are made. If the borrowers are spouses with a joint account, this question can be answered quickly.

For separate accounts, it should be considered which account is the most appropriate one. The regular receipt of payment is relevant for this.

Additional collateral

Additional collateral

It is not always enough to take out a loan with two borrowers and to hope that the two borrowers will suffice as collateral. Often, additional collateral is required because the credit rating for the selected loan is insufficient. It is then proposed to conclude an additional residual debt insurance or term life insurance.

Both insurances jump in an emergency and take over the costs, at least for a limited time. But they also cause the same and should therefore not be completed lightly.

In addition, valuables, securities or even capital-forming insurance could be provided as collateral. The possibilities in this regard are very broad and should be discussed individually with the bank.

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