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Parliament has approved the baby loan, here are the conditions! – Mortgages and mortgages

The changes to the law needed to introduce the government’s family protection action plan were voted on Monday.

Some details of baby-sitting support were previously published in a decree, but now the technical part has been submitted to Parliament as an amendment to the law.

Parliament approved the proposal by the Minister for Human Resources with 176 votes in favor, 10 against and 6 abstentions.

“The law stipulates that the State shall be liable as guarantor for bank loans granted on the basis of credit agreements concluded between 1 July 2019 and 31 December 2022, to the central budget.”

In addition to the State guarantee for a baby loan, the credit institution may not require any additional security.

The detailed rules of the state guarantee can be regulated by regulations of the government!

Under the new provisions

  • Interest-free baby loan debt forgiveness: 1 child zero, 2 children up to 3 million, 3 children and more, 10 million HUF, taking into account newborn children.
  • Interest-free baby loan debt without forgiveness HUF 10 million.

And what’s new:

  • In a small town CSOK loan for a used home 1 child 0,6 million HUF, 2 children 2,6 million HUF and 3 children 10 million HUF support 10 important information about the Baby Waiting Loan:

The loan agreement shall be concluded 


  • There is no need for interest-free credit, which is a freehold real estate collateral, as it is triggered by a state-guaranteed surety.
  • The loan can be converted into a non-refundable grant: “30% of the current debt is released after the second child (born or adopted after borrowing), 100% after the arrival of the third child, and after each child arrives 3 debt is suspended for one year. “
  • Monthly installments of up to HUF 10 million, up to 20 years and up to HUF 50,000 per month are allowed.
  • ‘Married couples who have reached the age of 18 but have not yet reached the age of 41 may apply. At least one of the spouses has at least 3 years of social security or higher education (there). At least one of the spouses must live in their first marriage, and an existing child is not an obstacle. ”
  • Credit institutions classify customers as creditworthy.
  • Banks will be granted 10 days to evaluate, including an application.
  • There is no cost except the state’s annual fee of 0.5% of the outstanding liability for one year.
  • If a baby arrives within 5 years (even with adoption), the loan will remain interest-free throughout. If no baby arrives, the interest subsidy already used (5% per annum on the current yield environment) will be repaid and the interest on the loan will increase (up to almost 8% based on the current yield environment).

Large families will receive $ 2.5 million in subsidies for the purchase of a new 7-person car, up to 50% of the price of the car.

The option is open to stakeholders until 2022, effective July 1st


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